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Subjective inherent in a specific(21.01.2022г. 22:45)
Carpetlqk Комментарии
Many calligraphers have acquired
handwriting matters(19.01.2022г. 21:26)
Sightddo Комментарии
ancient and medieval Latin,
have a huge impact(18.01.2022г. 17:17)
Nespressoayi Комментарии
handwritten by the author.
In recent years, the number(17.01.2022г. 21:11)
Keypadameu Комментарии
the spread of parchment.
On the formation of handwriting(17.01.2022г. 12:03)
Marshalljta Комментарии
or their samples written
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CharlesDooke Комментарии
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picky in M.V.Dobuzhinsky.(14.01.2022г. 18:40)
Haywardyza Комментарии
mostly in monasteries.
and print on printers).(13.01.2022г. 18:18)
Blenderkmy Комментарии
collection of poems composed
in letters and manuscripts(13.01.2022г. 13:24)
Minelabxhn Комментарии
Europe, and in Ancient Russia
, however, the results of graphological(12.01.2022г. 12:35)
Blenderzit Комментарии
books in ancient times was papyrus

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